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This program funds the education for the best performing students who complete their accelerated primary schooling with us.

Karachi, Pakistan

Each year we have about 300 students graduate from our accelerated primary course. These young minds are full of curiosity and a thirst to seek more education. They are on a mission to transform their lives and have full support from Zindagi Trust.

We continue to sponsor the education of our top graduates from the accelerated primary program. Our on ground staff helps these students and families secure admission in secondary schools. We continue to pay for their education till they complete their matriculation and also keep a close follow up on their educational performance.

Meet Arooj- Already an artist and inspiring to be a doctor

Arooj is a graduate of our accelerated primary program. She is a high achiever and a go-getter. When she completed her primary with us, Arooj’s parents, inspired by the praise of her teachers, were hopeful to send her to secondary school. However Arooj’s father is a daily laborer and does not have a stable income. On the months where he is lucky to find enough work, he earns up to PKR 11,000, which is hardly enough to feed his family of six.

Arooj's parents were full of joy when our team approached them and told them that we will enroll Arooj in our Secondary Students Scholarship program. Arooj is now a Grade 9th student at the Allama Iqbal Public High School in Lahore. She is not only a high performing student but also a responsible daughter. She contributes to her family income by making artificial jewelry for sale. We were stunned to see the beautiful masterpieces she was creating at home. Arooj told our team that jewelry making doesn’t seem like work to her at all. In fact she finds it a good stress reliever when she gets tired from doing her homework.

Our little artist is 17 and already supporting her family financially. Arooj aspires to become a doctor and we want to help her achieve her dream through our secondary students scholarship for top graduates. In an interview with our team, Arooj told us that the plight of the people around her makes her sad. She sees so many people who are un-well but are not able to afford proper healthcare. The suffering around her makes her feel responsible to bring betterment to her community.

Arooj’s Message:

“I want to become a doctor when I grow up because I want to help poor families like ours who suffer because they can’t afford good treatment. I will not charge them a penny because access to healthcare is everyone’s right”.

Donate today to support superheroes like Arooj who are so passionate to acquire education and ready to take their community’s future in their own hands


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Amaan Khowaja
Amaan Khowaja
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Hyderabad, Pakistan

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