Junior Library for SMB Fatima Jinnah Girls School

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Enrolment has grown five-fold to 2400 students at SMB Fatima Jinnah Government School since we took over. We need your help to build a new library to accommodate the Junior Section

Karachi, Pakistan

Bring the joy of reading to students from Classes 1 through 5 of a government school serving and underprivileged area of Karachi - sponsor our library!

Zindagi Trust took over SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School in 2007. Since then, the school has transformed into a vibrant seat of learning. One of the keys to the change has been the establishment of a library for the student population. The current library has 10,000 books in English and Urdu available to be borrowed, reference books for study in the library, tables for group reading and cubicles for individual study. All students get one library period per week and can borrow books on a variety of subjects.

Since the beginning of our work at the school, many things have changed - teachers come to school on time, parents are more engaged, grades are up and students participate in many extra-curriculars from chess and rollerskating to art and health workshops. As a result, we have record admissions every year and the student enrolment has grown from 500 to 2400 girls.

With this student strength, we can no longer efficiently accommodate all our students in one library without it getting overcrowded, and resultingly noisy and not conducive for comfortable reading. For this purpose, we are building a new library for the Junior Section.


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