Art for 3100 students at 2 government schools

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Help bring art to government schools to nurture future Gulgee's and Saadequain's. Weekly classes cover a variety of techniques, mediums and history + visits all over Karachi.

Karachi, Pakistan

Why Art?

Our vision at Zindagi Trust is to give all children the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines, find and hone their skills, and make themselves not only better test-takers but also more complete human beings. For this reason, we believe that the arts are an essential element in the education of every child, and specially, of every student of a Pakistani government school. They help develop our students into well-rounded citizens, strengthen their critical thinking and other skills needed to excel in life, and enable them to demonstrate our core values.


In classrooms across the world, evidence is mounting that high-quality arts education programs can also have a positive effect on student learning, motivation, interest and attendance. With high student absenteeism, under-performance in academic achievement and lack of exposure to extra-curricular and co-curricular programs at most of Pakistan's government schools, a powerful arts program can motivate our students to be more regular, take interest in their other subjects and apply what they learn in the classroom to the outside world.



A modern, holistic art program at two government schools in Karachi - SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School and Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government School - with a total student enrolment of more than 3100 girls. The schools teach art as a weekly subject and introduces students to a variety of basic and advanced techniques, different mediums, international and Pakistani art history, current local artists and art as an experience. In addition to weekly classes, students attend talks by guest speakers, visit art galleries and museums; create and experience public art through murals, and so on.


The modern, creative curriculum being used at the school can be adopted by any government school and has been designed by our Head of Arts program, a graduate in the visual arts from Karachi University with several  years of experience as an art educator.


The schools put up annual shows of their student art attracting people from all walks of life including parents, government officials, art enthusiasts, community leaders and young changemakers. You can check out the coverage of the last art show on Tribune,, Dunya News, Dawn and Facebook.


"We believe in giving our students a taste of every discipline - from science and football to chess and art - so that we can help them discover their talents and hone them into the best version of themselves." - Shehzad Roy, Founder and President of Zindagi Trust



The trust has a dedicated Head of Arts to design and manage the program, along with a privately-hired staff of 6-8 art, crafts and pottery teachers.To sustain this, we needyour support - please donate generously to sponsor this initiative which will foster creative thinking in our future generation.



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