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This program works to provide quality education for women by developing skills among teachers through trainings, workshops and on-ground support. This is a step towards strengthening and encouraging women for their promising and fearless future. It all starts from educating women.

At Zindagi Trust we believe the answer to Pakistans education problem lies in reforming government schools. We do this by transforming adopted government schools and advocating the government to replicate our success across their schools. We all know that a teacher brings classroom alive. Our focus is developing and enhanching skills of existings teachers. It is the most important aspect of our reform model. 


Working professional development of government teachers is challenging - it means changing mindsets, searching for motivation, improving teaching pedagogies and ensuring accurate content knowledge. For this purpose Zindagi Trust has established dedicated Professional Development (PD) teams at both SMB Fatima Jinnah Government School and Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government School. These teams work with the teachers full-time and provide constant support, motivation and monitoring.


The work of our PD team is very challenging since it requires building positive working relationships with government teachers without making them feel threatened about their existing positions. Our team has qualified people who are not only subject specialists and have complete mastery over their own fields, but also have amazing people skills.


This is just the beginning for the Professional Development department at the school - there are many more challenges and a lot more to achieve! The team has grown this year with subject in-charges in Maths, Science, English and Urdu having joined.

I believe that if you want to bring CHANGE, you must BE the agent of change yourself. I feel fortunate to join the platform of Zindagi Trust and play my humble role to be the agent of change in school reform."


An overview of our School Reform Program

Please support our work in strengthening the capacity of our teachers to bring their classrooms alive by making a donation to our Professional Development team. Lets empower our women together.


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